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Metal Roofing – What’s the deal?

Metal Roofing Phoenix is your one-stop metal roofing shop for all your roofing needs. Looking for a long-term, guaranteed roofing solution for your home or business? Then look no further than us! Look to the future of clean, stylish and elegant home roofing with Metal Roofing Phoenix, the leading contractor of metal roofing Phoenix, Arizona.

With trained and experienced experts under our banner, we are dedicated to bringing our customers the best service possible. From advice to the material to installation to repairs, we do it all and more!

What Is Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is old. Like, really old. The name explains it all; it’s metal roofing. Used from Rome to today and even further back, metal roofing is an architectural staple used by many cultures in many times. Some of the oldest buildings in the modern world employ metal roofing, from Greece to Ski Lanka. So the question is, what is it?

Simply put, metal roofing is a sheet or shingle made of metal used to roof a home. While copper roofing has been used for many centuries, zinc and steel alloys are more popular for their cheaper price and high strength. But be it copper, zinc or steel, we here at Metal Roofing Phoenix is proud to say we are qualified in handling any roofing situation!


Why use Metal Roofing?

Besides its superiority when compared to anything else on the market? Well, it’s a longer and better investment in your home, guaranteed to last 50+ years without fail. Stronger than asphalt and better looking to boot, metal roofing is also better at regulating heat. Due to its metal makeup, metal roofing reflects much of the heat created by the sun, leading to a cooler home. This can drastically reduce the need for air conditioning and can even help insulate your home during colder winters too!

Worried about high winds? No problem! Metal roofing is substantially harder to be damaged by strong winds. It is also more resistant to thermal shock. So if the weather is anything like politics, it will stand the changes without a single tear or crack. Harder than many other roofing options, it can withstand stronger blows too, leading to fewer repair jobs and maintenance. It is an install and forgets about it kind of job!

Metal Roofing Phoenix

Want To Switch? Well, You Don’t Need To!

Looking to install a new roof but don’t want to tear down your existing one? Well, no problem!
Due to its lightweight, metal roofing Phoenix is proud to say that we can install it on top of your existing one! Now, this is barring the fact there is no damage to the existing roof. Either way, metal roofing does not place much weight on a roof, meaning many homes that install metal roofing already has an existing roof underneath. While the cheaper and less complete option, it is still viable for anyone interested in it.

It’s cheaper in the long run

While more expensive to install and acquire, the fact remains that is possibly the cheapest option in the long run. A sad fact is that many people focus on the short term when it comes to cost; the main reason asphalt shingles have become a standard in homes. While no doubt cheaper up front, asphalt does not have near the durability of metal roofing.

You see, asphalt roofing has a life expectancy of around 15 to 25 years and require maintenance as any homeowner who has had one knows. Metal roofing, on the other hand, is expected to last 50 years at a minimum. Due to this, the upfront cost of the installation and purchase brings the overall cost to a 3 of that of asphalt over the course of 30 to 50 years.

It’s More Environmentally Friendly

Unlike many things, metal roofing is better for the environment in general. One hundred percent recyclable, that’s what it is. As such, should you ever need to remove or discard your roofing, drop it off at a recycling center or sell it for scrap for some quick cash. Unlike asphalt, it can even be reused for some nice DIY projects!

Appearance Is Covered Too!

Metal roofing is unique in the fact that it comes in quite a variety. From shingles to sheets to flat roofs, if you can imagine; there is a chance someone has made it. Looking for a beautiful copper roof? Well, we have it! Beautifully crafted and made to suit high-class homes, it will bring a splash of class to any household and neighborhood! And it isn’t just copper; metal roofs can be coated for other benefits ranging from aesthetic to functionality. Want more waterproofing? Heat resistance or reflection? Want to just paint it blue? Metal roofing offers a wide variety of options to homeowners to customize their homes to their liking!

The Disadvantages

With all this good, there has to be some bad right? Well, I suppose there is one very minor gripe potential clients should know about. That being that during storms it can get a little bit louder and that snow does more easily fall off. Barring the amusement of an amusing snowed mailman, Metal Roofing Phoenix guarantees techniques to help prevent and mitigate this factor during installation.

The Visual Appeal

If you like visual diversity then you’ll love metal roofing. Due to being metal, there are a plethora of designs and styles for any personality. With the durability and strength of the material, there are even some companies willing to do a completely custom made metal roofing for the more spendy or extravagant clients out there.


Due to being metal, there are numerous coatings available to help improve various aspects of your metal roofing. usually made of various materials such as epoxy and ceramic, they provide numerous benefits from extra rust protection to heat insulation or reflection. Ceramic coatings are usually applied on metal roof materials to add heat-reflective properties. Most ceramic coatings are made from regular paint with ceramic beads mixed in as an additive.

Clear coatings preserve the natural color, warmth, and metallic tone of copper roofing and are often used to coat it. Some contain oils, which exclude moisture from copper roofs and creates flashings, simultaneously enhance their appearance by bringing out a richer depth of color.


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