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Shingle Roofing Pros and Cons

At Shingle Roof Phoenix, we love roofs and we think it betters the lives of people more than they might think. If your roof has never given you problems with leaks or holes or some sort, then you have a good roof and with that comes a good, happy life. Imagine how unhappy you would find yourself in if your roof wasn’t doing the very job it was meant for. Like cover you and protect you. So that’s why we think roof’s deserve more credit than it is getting.

Now with that being said, not all roofs are perfect and long lasting. For a numerous number of reasons, it can be the installation process that hasn’t been well done and because of that, the roof never lasted, or the quality you bought wasn’t up scratch, whatever the reason is, all roofs are not perfect. Even for Shingle Roof Phoenix.

Great Things About Shingle Roof

Affordability: Shingle Roof Phoenix is the number one option to go for if you want the roof tile look but cant necessarily afford it. While still being strong, durable and just as effective as tile roofing, you get the cheaper and affordable option of going for shingle roofs.

Environmentally Friendly: If you didn’t know, shingle roofs are environmentally friendly. They are 100% recyclable and are made with safe products and materials.

Style: Shingle Roof Phoenix comes on various shapes, color and sizes. Your options are fully open to match your big imagination.

Shingle Roof Phoenix

Shingle Roof Drawbacks

Aesthetic: Though the options to choose the many types of shingle roofs are large, they do unfortunately lack good looks on every house type. They don’t look as good in tropical areas or areas close to the beach. If you didn’t notice that shingle roofing are mostly found in areas which are prone to coldness and areas where it snows a lot.

Maintenance: The negative thing about these roofs are also, they catch mold quicker than a roof should, because if they are under constant moist you may run into problems like these. This is also why we dont recommend clients who live in areas where heat is always a thing. And because of this, you will need to have them constantly cleaned.

Weather Performance: We love Shingle Roof Phoenix, but if you would ask us which of the two we prefer, we’d say tile roofing. Simply because tile roofs adapt better to different weather type and can hold through different conditions. Whereas shingle roofs adapt best under cold weather and snowy weathers.

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