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In Gilbert, Arizona, more and more homeowners decide to have metal roofs installed rather than to choose standard asphalt roof. Due to its durability and energy efficiency, a metal roof is the perfect choice. Metal roofs not only last a lifetime, but also takes little or no maintenance over many years. The decision on which type of roofing material to choose is based on longevity and price points and has two main aspects. Most metal roofs have a life expectancy of between 35 and 70 years. This is longer than most shingle roofs.

Decades of experience, quality equipment and phenomenal client service are combined to give you a smooth experience. We serve the whole valley and give free quotations. Our team is happy to discuss whether you need to repair, replace or have a new roof installed. We have extensive experience with residential and commercial roofs and can use most roofing equipment for any type of roof.

Why use our Metal Roofing Gilbert Services?

Although there are many reasons why you should use a metal roof system for your Phoenix building, a few of the major benefits are outlined below.

  • Durable metal roof systems. They give outstanding resistance to eroding, shrinking or cracking issues.
  • These roofing systems have a long life expectancy and nearly zero maintenance expenses.
  • In the Gilbert region, metal roof systems can withstand severe weather conditions, for example hail storms.
  • Most roof structures use interlocking panels. This means protection against damage caused by strong winds.
  • These systems are an economical alternative.
  • Metal roofs contribute to reduced energy expenses. They reflect UV rays that keep the structure cool and assist owners to cut power costs.
  • These systems are eco-friendly. The top coat represents rays that boost energy efficiency.
  • Strong and flexible metal roofs.
  • Metal roof systems offer infinite expansion and design opportunities.
  • They are available in light colors which amplify their heat-reflecting capabilities.

    metal roofing gilbert

    There are a few disadvantages

    In addition to all the above-mentioned advantages, it is an economical solution for building owners who can afford to pay for the roofing system. Our Gilbert metal roofing systems are quickly installed and can be the ultimate solution for anyone who plans to install or replace their roof.

    As just mentioned, the largest one is the original expense and installation of the metal roof. If you think about relocating over the next few years, investing in a metal roof might not be a prudent choice. But if you are sure you have discovered your home for ever, or looking to rent out your home, the cost savings will more than compensate for the first expense over time. This is supplemented by limited maintenance costs and power savings during the warm Gilbert summers.

    So if you want to know more about our metal roofs, please call Metal Roofing Gilbert today. We are sure we are the last roofing contractor in Gilbert, AZ, you’ll ever need. Guaranteed.


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