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Metal Roofing Paradise Valley

More and more homeowners are choosing to have metal roofs installed on their homes in Paradise Valley, Arizona, rather than opting for conventional asphalt shingle roofs. A metal roof is the ideal option because of its durability and energy efficiency. Not only will metal roofs last a lifetime requiring little to no maintenance throughout the years. But they will also reflect rather than absorb radiant heat. This means that a reduced amount of heat will escape into your home through your roof. It therefore helps your home maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature.

Metal Roofing Application and Materials 

They are versatile and the owner of the building will find something to suit his requirements and his pocket. The most prevalent types of roofing systems are however mentioned below.

  • For these processes, galvanized steel is used, where a sheet of wrought iron and steel is carefully covered with zinc. Then these sheets are seamed together to form corrugated sheets.
  • Zincalume or galvalume, in fact, is a combination of silicon-coated aluminum, zinc and steel.
  • Stainless steel is the perfect option for those looking for unique designs. They are specifically intended to combat harmful weather.
  • Copper roofs are a choice material for owners who want to distinguish their roofs prominently. Copper designs are more sustainable and promise many other uses.
  • Aluminum is one of the most durable metals. Although it is a bit costly compared to other materials, it provides a one-of – a-kind corrosion resistance. The metal has a naturally increased reflectivity which makes every construction energy efficient.
  • Stone-coated steel is an alternative that frequently uses zinc-coated panels.
  • Lead is also an alternative material to use.

metal roofing paradise valley

A style for everyone

Metal Roofing Paradise Valley is a premier metal roofer serving its residents, offering the best possible products available. These are installed by factory-trained roofers. Our metal roofs are available in three wonderful styles, including:

Standing seam – Manufactured in our highly advanced metal shop, these roofs are made using special computerized machines that custom-bend and -cut the metal, providing exact trim work. And, since the roofing panels will be seamed on instead of snapped into place, you can be assured they will not come apart. And common roofing issues, like leaks or ice dams, will be a worry of the past.
Painted – Combining the charming look of slate, shake, or shingle roofing, this style features a deluxe Kynar 500® PVDF resin-based coating or finish. This will provide flawless, fade-proof color retention. It is also resistant to splitting, cracking, peeling, and warping.
Stone coated – You’ll be able to choose between the shake and shingle design styles and from among several beautiful color variations. In addition, these metal roofs are Class A Fire Rated and Class 4 Impact Rated against hail.

Consider these benefits

There are several other benefits of metal roofing for your Paradise Valley home.

Metal roofing is wind resistant. Strong winds will not be able to blow metal roofing right off your roof . Shingle roofs often suffer greatly after a storm. Then you have to call your Paradise Valley roofing specialist to come and repair the damage afterwards.

Metal roofing reflects solar heat. The result is not only a cooler attic and house, but also much lower cooling costs and tons of energy savings over time. However, as mentioned above, some metals reflect better than others, with aluminum being an excellent choice.

Metal roofs are fire proof. In fact, much like tile, they have a class A fire rating. Even when struck by lightning, a metal roof will not go up in flames, but it is a good idea to get a specialist to ground your metal roof to minimize possible lightning damages.


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