Metal Roofing Phoenix is a major supplier and manufacturer-independent, family-owned and operated of corrugated metal roof panels, accessories for metal roofing, metal roofing equipment, and metal wall panel systems.

Buy directly from the manufacturer with equipment in Phoenix, Arizona. Metal roofing panels are available and can be produced for your particular dimensions, measurements, and finishes. Excellent service to customers and fast lead times.

There are a number of factors that make Metal a Great Choice:

Durable–Metal roofs can last more than 50 years. Metals are extremely durable and can withstand considerable weather exposure.

Weatherproof–High wind, grass, will readily pour snow and rain, and won’t produce mold easily. Another reason why metal roofs in Arizona are popular is their lighting capacity. Metal does not absorb heat, so even in warm days help to maintain the house cool.

Various shape and colour options–as metal can be produced to look like other roofing products, the architectural layout does not restrict it. Metals may look like shingles, wooden shakes, slate and clay tiles.

Fireproof–metals don’t burn.

Minimum maintenance needed–Metals are durable materials that maintain their shape and texture even in extreme cold or warm weather. It doesn’t break, bend or curl readily. Replacement for maintenance is uncommon until it reaches its lifetime.

Light weight-Metal roofing materials do not have to be highly dense for durability to increase. Metal is, therefore, one of the lightest products for roofing. You don’t have to build a very solid base to sustain the roof.

If you are prepared for a metal roof, contact us wherever you are in Pheonix, Arizona!

We are of course serving Phoenix and the Valley, but you will see our roofs throughout the country–in the hills, in hills, on ranches and reservations, everywhere. Metal Roofing Phoenix looks forward to hearing from you and seeing you right on the roof.

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